Partnering with the Community

Community partners and corporate donors help advance the important work YELLS does through its programs, but they also expand the circle of the Franklin Gateway community. In cooperation with partners, YELLS offers a youth a stake in their community, giving them a purpose and a voice.

As youth develop as leaders, they set high expectations for themselves and advocate for positive choices for themselves and their peers. When they are exposed to the exceptional community leaders, and business leaders represented by our partners and funders, they gain role models and are inspired to positive change.

By serving as mentors and Leadership Coaches, for example, Marietta police offers guide Bigs, Littles, and Community Action Café teens through the process of planning and leading community initiatives. Youth and the community at large develop stronger relationships with law enforcement as they see officers engaging with residents in positive, constructive ways. These positive connections between police, youth, residents, community organizations, and businesses lead to increased crime awareness, crime prevention and, when needed, crime reporting.

The images below represent many of the generous partners and funders who have committed time, energy, and resources to the mission of YELLS.


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